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About Us

IISAC ( International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration) is a non –profit educational organization registered in New Jersey, USA in 1998. It promotes cultural understanding and international education through faculty led programs, experiential learning, youth enrichment activities, international research for molding a generation of students who will be successful in the liberalized 21st century global society ( www.iisac.org ).

During the last 15years, IISAC has achieved various collaborative efforts in higher education between USA and India, which can be grouped into the following of study abroad programs:

  • Semester long study at University of Kerala, Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and KIIT University Odisha.
  • Faculty-led tropical biodiversity and cultural studies in India.
  • Experiential learning programs in different parts of India

IISAC developed the Semester in India Program, in 2000 with the prestigious central government institution, Pondicherry University, in South India and later expanded to University of Kerala, Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram and KIIT University in Odisha. The Semester India program offers a rare opportunity to learn about India through classroom work, field trips, directed research and social interactions.

IISAC represents these universities in USA to provide Semester in India programs through partnership and independent arrangements with US universities. Students from more than 60 US universities have participated in IISAC’s study abroad programs in India. Semester in India Program (SIP) encourages US students to learn about different cultures, languages, places, people, food, arts, and environments which differ from their own through first-hand exposure. The students in turn develop cross-cultural skills, as they have opportunities to work collaboratively with people from various backgrounds.


Program Director: Dr. Sunny Luke is the founder chairman of IISAC. He is also an American Medical Scientist and Professor with more than 70 publications in various areas of research; Medical Genetics, Molecular Pathology, Human Evolution, Stem Cell Technology and Tissue Engineering. Being the current program director of international education and research of IISAC, Dr. Luke has been leading the US study abroad students through India for the last 15years.He is also one of the editors of the encyclopedic book on Kerala “Introduction to Kerala Studies.” Email: sunny.luke@sciencesemesterinindia.org, sunny.luke@semesterinindia.org

Chairperson: Dr. Ngan Huang (Assistant Professor, Department of Cardiology, Stanford University, California USA)

As the chairperson of IISAC, Dr Huang coordinates the educational activities in the organization. She is passionate about guiding students to develop their academic potential by didactic courses and experiential learning. She enjoys motivating young students to purse the fields of science and engineering through summer research internships, seminars and other speaking engagements.

With a doctoral degree in Bioengineering, she is also a medical scientist at Stanford University, where she actively studies the role of stem cells and extracellular matrices for applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Executive Director: Alex V. Koshy, is one of the founders of IISAC and is now working as a volunteer Executive Director of the IISAC office in New Jersey. He oversees the administrative and financial activities of IISAC in relation to students recruitment, student visa issues, US and Indian collaborations and office management .He is also in charge of the “Seeking the Roots Program”, known as “Summer in Kerala” program of IISAC for high school students in USA and Canada. Email: alex.koshy@sciencesemesterinindia.org, alex.koshy@semesterinindia.org

What can you study?

Area studies: Engineering, Pre-medicine, Pre-law, International Business, Finance, Fine Arts, Fashion Technology, Tropical Biology, Media & Cinematography, Computer Science and Liberal Arts.


Academic Year (August –May )

Application deadline

Semester offered: Fall ( August-December) Starting date: 20th August

Fall semester - 30th May

Semester Offered: Spring (January –May) Starting date: 15th January

Spring Semester –15th November

The exact date for the semester may differ from year to year, the correct arrival and departure dates will be provided to you during the admission process.

Admission eligibility: Students may apply if they are over the age of 18 and have completed at least 30 undergraduate semester credits and have a good academic standing.

Program fee: This is the least expensive study abroad program in USA. IISAC is committed to offering an academically challenging and high quality program at an affordable price. We believe that world class education should be attainable to all undergraduate students. Fee must be paid in full to IISAC prior to departure. The exact program fee differs slightly from semester to semester, please contact IISAC officials for the program fee for the semester that you wish to apply.

Advantages of IISAC’s KIIT university program

  • It is an affordable program.
  • Personalized Orientation.
  • Our Signature 16 day East India tour of Odisha, Calcutta, Darjeeling and Himalayas.
  • Subsidized and guided tour on North India covering Delhi, Agra (Taj Mahal) and Jaipur
  • Cultural Immersion activities including yoga, meditation, classical dance, classical music, musical instruments, Indian cooking, martial arts, Indian games and sports.
  • Food and accommodation at KIIT’s International Hostel.
  • Select interdisciplinary courses, core courses and departmental courses from a list of 500 courses in each semester to create a self designed semester abroad curriculum. Students will enroll for 5-6 courses for 15-18 transferable credits to their home universities.
  • Evaluation: Students are graded on a 4.0 GPA scale and given a corresponding letter- grade by their professors. Performance is based on written assignments, presentations, exams and quizzes.