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Incredible India

Words fail to describe the wonder of India. It is a place which must be experienced to be believed. There is truly something mystically captivating about India. It is a massive country where tradition is rich and the colorful culture never ceases to amaze travelers. Crossing into another state means there is different food, clothing, and language; the diversity is undeniable. However, the universal language of welcoming smiles is waiting to greet all who enter and embrace India. From the vastness of the Himalayas to the immaculate marble of the Taj Mahal, there is never a dull sight.

Europeans realized the vast potential that lay hidden in the peninsula and in the 16th century major powers established their colonies here. For the British, India was the “Jewel in the Crown”. India became independent in 1947 and within the next half century that followed, India made giant strides in development, despite the handicap of a huge population of 1.3 billion. In the 21 st century, India by using its core competence in various technologies including information technology, vast national resources and human resources is poised to become a knowledge superpower.


Population: 1.3 billion people.

Number of States: 28

Politics: The world’s largest democracy.

Economic growth: An emerging economic superpower.

Climate: Varies from tropical monsoon in south to temperate in north.

Language: Hosts 19 official languages.

Religion: Home to the world’s 4 major religions; Hinduism, Sikkim, Jainism, Buddhism.

Aromatic Food: Incredible diversity of cuisine across its states.

Arts & culture: Deep heritage in cultural festivals and art forms varying from state to state.

Advantages of IISAC’s Semester India Program

Coming to India will not only boost your schooling, but also increase your knowledge of the world and improve your interaction with people and cultures different from your own. This skill is invaluable to companies big and small around the world, and to be educated in the art of world travel will no doubt help your choices and options for your career.

  • Understand and experience a new culture that is drastically different from the US.
  • Earn 15 credits, cross-cultural skills and enhance your education.
  • Explore exotic location and experience art, history, society and cuisines that are novel to your senses.
  • Relax, strengthen, and stretch your entire body through yoga and tune your mind through meditation.
  • Meet people and make new friends, visit their homes and villages.
  • Learn a new language, dance or music form that is unique to India.
  • Gain valuable experience that will make your resume competitive.

Experiences of India from IISAC’s study abroad Alumni

“India is a really incredible place. I would encourage anyone to try this program. They will not regret it. Get ready to see, experience, and taste things you've never even imagined before!”

Patricia K. – Grand Valley State University, Michigan

“The opportunity to immerse myself in the ancient, fascinating and absolutely unique culture and ideologies of India is an experience I will never forget.”

Christine Z. – St. Mary’s College of Maryland